Coaching Process Article Copy

Dr. Dathan D. Rush, Co-Author of the Early Childhood Coaching Handbook(s), wrote an article in the American Speech and Hearing Association ASHA Leader Magazine in October 2018: From Couching to Coaching: How do we get families engaged in early intervention? It starts with us communicating their enormous influence on their children’s development.

In the article he discusses 5 ‘Involvement Strategies” to engage families. He states, coaching involves:

  1. Observing the parent and child engaged in the typical routine or activity and, if necessary, giving the parent an opportunity to learn from observing the practitioner model a new strategy with the child.
  2. Giving the parent opportunities to practice new strategies with the child as part of the activity.
  3. Prompting the parent’s reflection on what is or isn’t working (and why), and generating new ideas.
  4. Providing feedback by sharing ideas and information.
  5. Joint planning with the parent on their work between visits to foster child learning and prepare for the next visit.

To have a look at the article, follow this link or google ASHA Leader From Couching to Coaching