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         Thank you to everyone who signed up for the  Early Start              on-demand webinars! Your support was greatly appreciated!

Starting in January 2024

workshops will be offered live!

    Early Start Canada Workshops

Parent Coaching


 Parent coaching is a unique partnership between an early intervention provider and parent. The early intervention provider or “coach” has a specific knowledge and understanding of child development and teaching strategies. The parent is motivated to support their child’s learning and has a thorough understanding of their family’s daily routines and child’s interests. Together the coach and parent engage in a systematic process to develop ways to support a child’s learning and development through everyday parent-child interactions and play routines.

What is Parent Coaching?

This is a one hour interactive workshop that provides learners with an overview of Parent Coaching.

The Parent Coaching Introductory Series

This is a one day workshop that provides learners with the specifics of how to coach parents.


"The Parent Coaching Introductory Series course was fantastic! I feel really energized and inspired by it. It gave me some new ideas to try out with families right now."

Meghan, BCBA

Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions


Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions (NDBIs) are an integration of developmental science and the teaching principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA).  Learn about the essential features of NDBIs including discovering how to interact with children in everyday activities to support learning and development.

How to Teach Joint Attention




 What exactly is Joint Attention?  And why is it important?

Joint attention is the coordination of attention between objects or events that happen, and people for the purpose of sharing.