Help Is In Your Hands in SPANISH

Help is In Your Hands a video resource for parents is now available in SPANISH thanks to the work of Maria Diez-Juan and colleagues. 

Here is the information she shared with ESDM Trainers:  

Dear all, please, se the link to the recording of the HIIYH Spanish version from Spain that we presented from our site Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Children’s Hospital. 

You will find here a 2 hours presentation about the process of translation and adaptation of HIIYH version at our site. Also, an interview to Sally and Aubyn (thanks to you both!!) that explains why and how HIIYH was thought and developed to give a response to the community needs regarding the early intervention in ASD. 

Also, you will see the families’ testimonies regarding their experience of using HIIYH in our clinical program at TEA CARE Mas Casadevall.

I hope you can share the link worldwide so it can help all the Spanish speaking families and community at your sites.

Best to all and thanks for all your ESDM endeavors!!